Yoga by Ceci, Dacia and Gina in Rogers Park, Chicago IL

Frequently Asked Questions. Be curious.

What time should I arrive and can I borrow your mat?

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early so you can sign in and set up your mat and any props needed for class. There are mats and props at Pilates Chicago and the IMU for your use, so if you forget your mat at home, no worries, come on in and play. However, our mat and prop supplies are limited, so we strongly encourage you to invest in your own mat, block and strap (your first set doesn’t have to be uber-pricey, affordable options are available at retailers such as that one with the big red bullseye logo).

I’m a total newbie/yoga aficionado. Can I handle this class/are we going into no-hands headstand today?

Our teachers adjust classes for all levels, meaning: come as you are with an open mind and a level of curiosity about what you will discover on your mat that day. Each pose is presented with a stage for everyone, and you will learn how to tailor the poses to best suit your body. If you have specific needs like working near a wall for balance or using a chair as a prop, please email us in advance or arrive 10 minutes early so we can make sure to prepare a space/props for you.

How long is class (or, are we there yet – I’ve got a brunch date after this)?

All our yoga classes are 90 minutes in length to allow for ample time in which to explore and play with pranayama (breath work), asana (pose work), and savasana (luxurious rest).

Can I bring my infant/toddler/young person to class with me?

An adult yoga practice requires a certain level of focus; while we are aware that there are certainly young people out there with this ability at an early age, we recommend that people 14 years on up attend our classes. Younger people need a different kind of class structure to keep their attention and have tons of fun – we will be sure to keep you updated if/when we offer a children’s/family yoga class in the future. If you have a particularly precocious child who you believe could do well with the yoga classes that we currently offer, please contact the instructor directly prior to class and inquire whether an exception can be made.

What do I wear (or, do I need to throw down $100 on a pair of stretchy pants)?

We emphasize paying attention only to what is going on on your own mat, so there’s no need to concern yourself with wearing the “right thing”. If what you have on feels comfortable, and covers what you want covered when you: reach your arms out, up and behind you, bend over or lean to the side, squat, sit, twist, and lift your legs in the air – then you are good to go. Please feel free to try out these moves in your potential yoga gear before coming to class, preferably whilst listening to “Vogue” by Madonna (or whatever song makes you feel super sassy). Know that we teachers want to watch your body closely for proper alignment, so something that is overly baggy or loose-fitting won’t work well. Snug/well-fitted cotton-based clothing is usually spot-on. If you tend to sweat easily, and you are sure to get some sweat going in our classes, we also recommend bringing along a small towel to daub yourself dry with.

I’m coming straight from work and have a hot date right after class: can I change/shower before/after class?

There are restrooms at both of our locations for you to use as needed. The IMU (1418 West Howard Street  Chicago, IL 60626) location does have shower facilities available. Note that there are no showers at our Pilate Chicago location (1220 West Morse Avenue). Doing yoga right after work and before a hot date is highly recommended to prepare for optimum relaxation and enjoyment of a good time.

What and when should I eat before yoga?

Every body is different, so sometimes it takes a little investigation on your part to feel what works best for you. A good rule of thumb is to try to have at least 90 minutes of digestion between a full meal and your practice. If you haven’t eaten in hours and are starving, try a small snack filled with lean protein, good fats, and maybe some light carbohydrates to give you an energy boost but won’t weigh you down when you are working your abdominal muscles in class. (Peanut butter on a piece of bread with honey or a banana = super power snack). 

How do I pay you? Can I pay online? Paper or plastic?

Please pay us via paper in person.

Currently, we are not set up to handle transactions online or process credit cards at our studio locations. Note that we are four teachers working together as a collective of independent contractors providing high quality yoga to our north side neighborhoods – we are not a large enough operation at the moment to provide you with these services. Purchase a single class or class packages in person with cash or a personal check made out to that teacher (please no checks made out to Yoga Gratitude).

Can I buy gift certificates?

Yes! We will send you a PDF or give you a printed certificate at your next class to give as a gift to some super lucky individual. Email us in advance at to request a certificate.

How do I find out if a class got cancelled? What do I do if I arrive and cannot find my way inside?

Our website is updated regularly regarding class cancellations and subbing announcements – check online if you are wondering about a particular class, or you can subscribe to our blog posts to get regular updates. If you arrive and don’t get an answer at the door, or are not sure if you are at the right place, please call 773-517-8388 and Ceci Morales will guide you to the right location and/or contact your teacher. Don’t panic – we will find you!

Does my class package have an expiration date (or, is this still fresh)?

Yes, yes it does. 10 class packages are good for 4 months from the date of purchase/first class used. If you happen to have an injury or personal situation that keeps you from attending class, please email us in advance and we may adjust your expiration date to accommodate for special situations.

What are good manners in yoga class (or, can I leave my Blackberry on the corner of my mat)?

  • Turn cells phone off – not even on “vibrate” as their purpose is to alert you and therefor are a distraction. Put your phone in your bag. Step away from the phone. This is your time and no one else’s – can you make a commitment to give yourself your undivided attention?
  • Remove shoes and leave them outside of the studio room where the yoga is happening.
  • Avoid wearing wear perfume, cologne, or scented lotions – strong smells are another type of distraction and may trigger allergic reactions in others.
  • When chatting in person or on the phone before or after class, please practice speaking softly.
  • Share the space with your neighbors (if the room is getting crowded, move your mat as much as 3 inches close to your neighbor in a “tacked” position, so your mat starts 1-3 feet in front or behind your neighbors mat).
  • If you use studio props please put them away after class, and clean any mats/props that get sweaty with the spray and paper towels provided.
  • Try not to eat immediately before class, and if you are carrying food (other than dry food or fruit), please leave it outside of the studio room to avoid bringing in odors.
  • Please bring all your valuables into the studio room with you.
  • Once class begins, start to focus your attention inside your self. laughing, emotional releases, questions about an aspect of a pose, are all totally welcome in class; striking up a conversation with your mat mate about last night’s Top Chef episode, not so much.
  • Take responsibility for your body’s safety, practice at your edge: if a pose is causing you sharp pain or strong sensations (emotional or physical), call your teacher over to your mat to let them know so they can guide you on how to adjust the pose or work through it with integrity.
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