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Leah Ellenbogen

Leah Ellenbogen - YogaGratitude teacher Rogers Park, Chicago ILLeah Ellenbogen

It has been less than three years since the first time I practiced Forrest Yoga.  I have a hard time believing it when I am hovering above the ground in a new balancze pose, or when I’m teaching to a room of my own students.  But it’s true.  Forrest Yoga is not much for beating around the bush.  It’s more like a path straight through the bush, with a big flashlight, whacking away at clogged, stuck energy and cracking open emotional shielding until all that is lush and juicy is revealed. A total life overhaul in 6 months?  That’s Forrest Yoga.  It’s not a subtle practice—it’s hot, psychologically demanding, a little scary sometimes—but it’s my practice.  My teacher Ana calls it a warrior’s path.  You don’t get to sit around and get comfortable; you seek your edge.  It’s literal (we get upside down for a change of perspective) and intentional (your breath is more than a metronome, it’s a tool!)  And, most importantly, it is highly effective.  In 2009, I had lower-back and knee pain that woke me from my sleep.  2012? No such pain.  In 2009, I was giving up on my passions, growing stagnant in a pool of sad, unmotivated people.  Now?   My work IS my passion, and my crew is made up of hundreds of Forrest Yoga teachers whose focus is “mending the hoop of the people.”   What would your life be like if you got a kickstart out of dullness into pyrotechnics?  It starts with one breath.  Let’s explore your inner space!

Leah teaches Monday nights at Pilates Chicago

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