Yoga by Ceci, Dacia and Gina in Rogers Park, Chicago IL

Ceci Morales

Ceci Morales - Yoga teacher at YogaGratitude in Rogers Park Chicago IL

 Ceci Morales

Ceci Morales was born in Monterrey Mexico and started on a conscious path earlier than most. An important spiritual crisis at age 11 prompted her to begin exploring different schools of thought searching for the “right” answers. She read books by thinkers such as Richard Bach and Carlos Castaneda eventually making her way to the mountains of Mexico, where she participated in Toltec workshops based on the writings of Carlos Castaneda and Victor Sanchez.
Years later, in an attempt to cure chronic insomnia after moving to Chicago from Mexico, Ceci took her first yoga class. Having tried several other strategies in vain, she found sweet, long-term relief from yoga. Yoga also introduced her to a range of benefits and clarity that no other discipline had been able to deliver.
Today Ceci uses Ana Forrest’s method as a foundation of healthy alignment principles for modern-day, Western bodies.  Ceci is a Rogers park resident and is enjoying her new motherhood with her son Matthias and husband Marc.

With the years I have realized that Yoga can be whatever you want it to be in your life: a practice that completely transforms you, helps keep you sane or simply is there when you just want to feel refreshed and grounded. It depends how deep you allow your practice to take you and that day, but its always a perfect practice.

Ceci teaches Saturdays at the IMU

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