Yoga by Ceci, Dacia and Gina in Rogers Park, Chicago IL

Anna Schabold

Anna Schabold

Anna is thrilled to accompany you on your yoga journey. She compassionately creates a safe space for you to explore your self: ride each deep breath and awaken into a fuller experience of physical sensation, emotion and thought. Having felt powerfully transformed through her own practice, she shows students how to use this awareness to peel back the layers of self and discover inner wisdom and the strength to align with your authenticity. Forrest Yoga helped Anna realize she was not living life for herself and was frozen by self-doubt; the practice broke through years of anxiety and instilled a sense of trust in her own intuition and instinct. She found courage to be the creator of her own reality and live as her heart desired, discovering the path of teacher and healer – a way to live passionately and be in service to others and the world. She now uses her practice and teaching to continue to break through the limitations we impose on ourselves, opening up to our infinite potential. Find laughter, joy and exhilaration as we play safely at your edge, dancing along the path towards discovering and honoring your truth. Anna completed the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training in 2009, Advanced Teacher Training in 2010, and Mentorship Program in 2012.


Anna teaches Sundays 12:00 to 1:30 pm

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